Principal Message

Dear Students, Our Respected Parents

Our daily life and work are not stratified into the math part, the science part, the history part, and the English part,. “Kids don’t experience the world that way.” Instead, they — and all of us — live in a truly interdisciplinary fashion.

Though integrated studies have been around in one form or another for nearly a century, the approach has won newfound acceptance in recent years. If we look back at the year gone by, we can recount grand success stories resulting out of this interdisciplinary approach.

A pot pouri of engaging activities, like case studies based on real life problems, the republic day function, the Sports Day celebration, and the mesmerizing Annual function – became the timeless treasured memories. Added to these, the lohri celebrations, the umpteen exemplary achievements of junior and senior students in academics, sports, music and dance…which gave us more reasons to smile and be proud. Kudos to our shining students, energetic Staff and the ever-supportive Parents!

Learning at School is best exemplified by the overall development of students who have joined the engineering and medical professional schools and some have joined the technical posts in Indian Army after attaining education higher education at IMA.

We stand for a different education.