Infrastructure Detail


Our school library is a learning resource centre as it houses informational resources- the expensive reading material. Library is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs on a variety of subjects. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources, curriculums and reference books.

Biology Lab

The Biology lab is well equipped to perform experiments from class IV to XII according to the PSEB guidelines and can accommodate 30 children per batch. It has the facilities to perform high level projects. It has a unique collection of charts, models, slides and specimens to cater to the needs of the syllabus of each class.

Chemistry Lab

It is an ultimate place; well equipped with all the chemicals , gas connection and water distillation plant. The chemicals used for experiments are of world class standard.

Physics Lab

Students learn the art of experimentation, experimental and analytical skills, conceptual learning and developing collaborative learning skills. To satisfy the above, we have a well-designed Physics lab with the necessary apparatus & equipment.

Mathematics Lab

We have different equipments which cater to the needs of students with different abilities. Geometrical concepts are taught using mathematical equipment and smart board. The purpose of the lab is to provide an atmosphere for the students to explore, observe, think logically and visualize Maths which will strengthen their mathematical skills.


Fully networked and equipped with latest computers. Modern IT applications with interactive tools support the curriculum being followed in the school.


School has a huge sports ground, an athletic track, basketball court that reflects our seriousness towards sports. We have world class facilities for cricket, volleyball, table tennis, throw ball, and basketball.

Safe Transport

The school runs a large fleet of self-owned buses. Each school bus follows standard safety guidelines as they are properly equipped with speed governors, surveillance cameras and GPRS systems along with trained staff i.e. a driver, an assistant and a female attendant. Each bus is provided with a mobile phone which serves the purpose of constant contact with school authorities and parents as and when required.

Security Infrastructure

For the safety and security of the students, the school gates are manned 24 hours. Furthermore female and male guards are deployed round the clock. Self going students are not allowed to leave the school without valid gate pass and even the parents are issued with Parent Identity Card which they have to show to the school authority before taking their wards. A student boards/gets off the school bus only at specific stop mentioned by the parents. This ensures the safety of the students. Visitors are not allowed to enter in the school premises without valid permission from the school authorities. As mandated by Indian law, the school has relevant CCTV cameras installed.